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Major: Business and Studio Art with a Film minor
Hometown: Twin Cities
Favorite Writer: Khaled Hosseini!
Favorite sex scene from a movie/TV/book: I think my favorite is the scene from Season 8 of Grey's Anatomy where April and Jackson just beat up a really mean guy and are celebrating and feeling on top of the world.
Hidden Talent: Fishing!

Posts By: Veneeta Danhoui

Television Has Made Lying about Your Sex Life Normal

Why has lying about your sexual health history become a popular media trope in film and television? We also see this in social media with celebrities like Usher, who purposely withheld the fact that he had genital herpes from his partners and thereby infected them, and now denies it. So much of our media influences how we see the world. Even if we don’t always realize it, when we see television scenes where one character withholds their sexual health information from another, the obvious reaction is to disagree with what is happening.  But what is simultaneously operating underneath our apparent disapproval is the normalization and desensitization of dishonesty surrounding sexual health. It also allows the viewer to stigmatize carriers as being intrinsically careless, deceptive and dishonest. It operates as a cunning… Read more »

Domestic Violence Is a Reproductive Justice Issue

When my 24-year-old cousin got married this past year, my mom imparted onto her what she believes to be the key to an everlasting marriage. She said, “No matter what happens, just keep your mouth shut. Don’t say anything, don’t do anything; just accept everything and keep your mouth shut and make sure you do everything he says.” When I found out she said this, it occurred to me how deeply domestic violence had become woven into the fabric of not only her life, but also the lives of her children. It dawned on me that over the course of my childhood, my sister and I had publicly witnessed almost every woman in our family experience some kind of casual emotional abuse at the hand of their husbands. Somehow, just… Read more »