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#StopTheBans: Ohio Edition

If I ask you to name which states have the worst anti-abortion laws in the country, which ones would you name? Texas? Alabama? Oklahoma? You wouldn’t be wrong, but you’d be forgetting one of the biggest offenders: Ohio. Since taking office in 2011, Governor John Kasich has signed nearly every anti-abortion measure to come across his desk – from bills to restrict access to those targeting providers. The results? The number of abortion clinics in Ohio dropped by half, leaving the majority of counties without a provider. And Ohio now has one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country – unconstitutionally blocking abortion at just 20 weeks. But they won’t stop there. In this session, the Ohio Legislature continues its obsession with controlling each and every body with… Read more »

How President Trump’s Expansion of the Global Gag Rule Will Wreak Havoc on Communities

Another day, another shitty reproductive health policy introduced by the Trump administration that will have untold effects on millions of people around the world. Earlier this week, as the country launched its annual recognition of global health needs during National Women’s Health Week, the President announced an expanded version of the Global Gag Rule he reauthorized soon after his inauguration. The original gag bars any funding from an international health organization that promotes abortion as a medical option for ending a pregnancy, which affects the $600 million budgeted for family planning. Already harsh and dangerous, the rule has been revamped to suit the archaic and asinine appetites of anti-abortion extremists. Now, the law threatens millions of lives with the potential to inadvertently spread disease and global illness. This newest policy… Read more »

Writing Abortion 20 Feet High

 This article originally appeared on the blog at Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes.  Growing up in a small Kansas town meant a few things for me. I would forever be haunted by Wizard of Oz jokes whenever I told someone I’m from Kansas, going to Sonic with friends would be an early teen right of passage, and any road trip I took with my parents would mean driving past multiple anti-abortion billboards.   These billboards varied in language, size, and quality but they all had the same message: Abortion is bad. As most people know, Kansas is notorious for its negative outlook on abortion. Although much of our state legislature is rabidly anti-choice, the majority of fellow Kansans I know are okay with abortion. One of the reasons I believe Kansas still… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Let Self-Doubt Keep You From Celebrating Your Success

In my first year of college, I applied to join my university’s honors program. Even though I was already attending my “reach” school, I had done well during my first year of college, so I applied. Much to everyone’s surprise, I got in. As soon as my first honors program class started, I knew I was in over my head. All of the students around me were talking about their favorite philosophers and unbelievable internships. They tossed around words like “vociferous “ casually, and leaned back in their fancy leather chairs as if they were born to be in the honors program. You know the type. This was my first philosophy class ever. The readings were dense and difficult. The paper prompts were daunting. The oral presentations were intimidating. While… Read more »

The New LGBTQ Health Measure You Need To Know About

Last week was historical for the transgender community. In the span of five days we saw the U.S. Government sue North Carolina over their discriminatory bathroom bill, HB 2, arguing that it violates federal law; we watched the U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, deliver a powerful public speech on transgender rights and equality; President Obama directed public schools to allow transgender students to use whichever bathroom fits their gender identity; and, finally, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a nondiscrimination ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), banning discrimination in the healthcare context based on gender identity or sex. It was a big week. Rounding out the week was the ACA nondiscrimination rule. This ruling deserves additional attention, not only because of the immediate and widespread impact… Read more »

How to Make Money While Making Change: Come Blog for Us!

Got a story on intersectional feminism, reproductive rights, or abortion access burning a hole in your chest? Come write for us! As a student blogger for URGE, you represent one of the many young voices we lift up everyday on campuses in Kansas, Ohio, California, Texas, Georgia, and Alabama. Our staff is always looking for diverse voices that can resonate with young people across the country, and we want to give six students that opportunity. Writing for URGE means more than you may think. Firstly, YOU’LL GET PAID (that in and of itself should make you wanna apply, right?), and your pieces will be featured on our website and shared on all social media platforms on the national level. Your voice, your story could contribute to the national conversations on… Read more »