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Major: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Harlingen, Texas
Favorite writer: Gloria Anzaldua
Favorite sex scene from a movie/TV/book: Westworld season one. Maeve and Hector realize their world is fake and have sex to the death in the middle of a fire.
Hidden Talent: Super good at Mario shit I am internationally ranked lol

Posts By: Erica Gonzalez

Culture Commodified in San Antonio

I recently moved to San Antonio earlier this year from the Rio Grande Valley. I have seen the gentrification happen before my eyes over the years. One of the biggest gentrified areas in the city- “The Pearl” is an expensive little market place. The community surrounding The Pearl quickly saw a decrease of lower middle class Mexican families in the area due to gentrification. It’s got everything white people want- exclusive, expensive apartments surrounded by a bourgeoisie food court and tons of overpriced, whiterun shops. Allow me to better paint a picture of these shops for you. They commodify the fuck out of being in San Antonio- a historically Tex-Mex city. Native American and Mexican artworks/clothing items are also sold in another. The people running these stores, boasting that they… Read more »

My Experience as a Latinx Woman in Sports

I have played soccer for 19 years of my 23 on this planet. I even went on to play for my University’s women’s soccer team as a goalkeeper all four years. The University of Texas Pan-American (now UT Rio Grande Valley) are in the NCAA Division 1 Western Athletic Conference. I was also a part of the “Student Athlete Advisory Committee” since my sophomore year of college. SAAC is “the voice of the student athlete” and I was President of my institutional and conference SAAC. We discussed institutional, conference, and NCAA policies and issues. I oversaw eight school across the United States. As president of the WAC SAAC, I ensured student athletes accurately understood and relayed policies and their consequences to their respective student athlete body and administration. I also… Read more »

Whose Tale Is The Handmaid’s?

Fan bases can really take a TV show and kill the buzz surrounding it. People (white feminists) are dressing up like handmaids from The Handmaid’s Tale at protests and rallies in support of reproductive freedom. I don’t understand the message they are trying to convey with this look.  Frankly, it kind of irritates me when people buy these costumes to “make a difference.” They are mistaking consumerism for direct action.  This TV show is held in the eyes of many as the feminist-iest show around because of its remarkable relationship to real life. The first season came out around Tr*mp’s new “presidency” and the second season came out when the #MeToo movement surged yet again earlier this year. I can see why it would be easy to see this show as the new… Read more »