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Major: Gender and Race Studies
Hometown: Fort Deposit, Alabama
Favorite writer: My favorite writer is Nella Larson, who is the author of my all-time favorite books Quicksand and Passing. I am also fond of Toni Morrison who wrote a brilliant novel that encompasses the intersections of race and feminism in the story of Sula.
Favorite sex scene from a movie/TV/book: N/A
Hidden Talent: A hidden talent that I have is lip syncing. The only downfall is being asked to add sound to this talent.

Posts By: Jessica Morgan

When the Hashtag becomes the Mic


Social media has been used in a variety of ways to connect a vast amount of people to the current news, whether it be accurate, satire, or false. This knowledge is then broken down into little tidbits of tweets, posts, or stories across major platforms. In this context, hashtags have become the tools of keyboard courage and the microphone for keyboard warriors. Although hashtags work to see others’ contribution to the world’s view, it removes the identity of words, language, and photos. By and by, social media becomes a double edged sword that discredits issues of oppression and privilege and discriminate against other users unknowingly. Unintentionally, hashtags make one experience the universal experience while making the other facets of what defines that experience invisible. An array of experiences shouldn’t be… Read more »

The Hypocrisy of March for Life

personhood laws

Nearly a week after Trump’s control of America started, March for Life — a movement built in preserving the fetus’ life and fighting for its rights — is making headway. Although the march happened on the 27th, its meaning is really valuable now, since Congress has introduced a total abortion ban across the United States. Not only will this piece of legislation be unconstitutional, but it will not solve the problem. This and other anti-choice legislation introduced into Congress would have a devastating effect on safe and legal abortion access, but this will not stop these same women from going to back alley doctors to receive medical care that is harmful. March for Life marches for life of the unborn, but they neglect to give the same respect to the living…. Read more »

The Message Trump’s America Sends to People of Color

trump racis cabinet

Since Trump’s election, racial tensions have increased and there has been a rise of suicides in marginalized communities who fear the social and economic policies that Trump promised throughout his campaign. Even though Trump claimed to be representative of all people, he has proved time and time again that he has no experience conversing with people of different backgrounds, specifically through his impersonal rhetoric that devalues the humanity of anyone who isn’t like himself. It seems like Trump has taken his own example and elected people to his cabinet who hold similar, narrow-minded and harmful values. His choices for his cabinet are chilling and alarming– feelings that many people of color recognize all too well. One controversial candidate for a position on Trump’s cabinet is Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama. Alabamians, such as… Read more »

White Feminism and the 2016 Election

These past few weeks have been riddled with many emotions: white supremacists are enthused that they get to reclaim a country that never belonged to them, marginalized communities fear for their safety in this new world order, where racism and bigotry are being normalized, and neutral white people are just now realizing that our country is fucked up. While most media sites are ignoring the people Donald Trump is appointing to his cabinet to focus their headlines and leads on celebrity relationships, I’m still unpacking the racist ideologies behind white women’s support for the future  president. White feminism centers on gaining equal rights for white cisgender women (preferably middle class) that align with the same rights granted to white cisgender men. They are willing to shun their gender by neglecting the intersections… Read more »

Virginity is a Myth

Virginity, a hymen, and purity. What do these things have in common? Exactly. Nothing. Virginity is a concept that mainly regards a woman who has had sex as disposable. This is especially apparent in the chewing gum analogy where a ‘chewed up’ piece of gum, or a woman who has had many sexual partners, should be discarded for a ‘fresh’ piece of gum. Society’s fixation on preserving virginity in women and eliminating virginity in men has essentially created false meanings when it comes to sexuality. Society has created the term “purity” as a state that mainly aligns itself to the female sex. In Jessica Valenti’s book “The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity Is Hurting Young Women,” she argues that chastity and abstinence-only rhetoric places a woman’s worth on… Read more »

The Anti-Choice Movement’s Harmful Rhetoric

Facts and propaganda are not synonymous with each other. I have felt the need to say that for quite some time given the constant anti-choice rhetoric that neglects to recognize the variety of abortion experiences. The pro-life stance is a position deeply rooted in religion, which highlights life rather than quality of life. Unlike the pro-choice stance which acknowledges a woman’s autonomy, the pro-life uses partial elements of religion and propaganda to erase the experiences that women who consider abortion take, with some of them being taken to drastic levels such as the picture below. Most of the rhetoric that the pro-life movement employs is used to punish women. This concept explores fetal rights vs. the pregnant person’s rights, which is two sets of rights that are granted to one body. An… Read more »