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Major: Journalism Minoring in Fashion Media and Public Relations
Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland
Favorite writer: I don't have a favorite writer but, I love Kanye. he makes music so he's technically a writer. It's Kanye. My favorite writer is Kanye.
Favorite Sex Scene from a movie/tv/book: My favorite sex scene is from "Higher Learning" where Tyra Banks and Omar Epps have a love making montage!
Hidden talent: My hidden talent is the ability to make bomb playlists.

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After Billboard’s Women in Music Awards show made us remember how many powerful women there are in the music industry, I realized the business of music is still run by men.  From CEOs to executives and lawyers, music boasts some amazing female talents whose careers are puppeteered by their counterparts. The ‘assaultgate’ in Hollywood, and allegations surrounding actors, public figures and politicians is overwhelming but I can’t help wonder if it ever seeped into the music industry? The same industry where we sexualize and objectify women to ensure the sale of records has yet to have an explosion of victims come forward, and while I hope there isn’t corruption, pop star Ke$ha’s story tells a different tale. We all remember the civil suit Ke$ha filed against her producer Dr. Luke, the… Read more »

Do Microaggressions Bring Out Your Inner ‘Dear White People’ Voice? Me Too.

Dear White people, I don’t have an attitude, this is just my face. Last summer I worked for a deli. Making sandwiches was fun, and there were a lot of Indian people that worked and lived in the neighborhood so the culture was cool to watch and learn from. One day I walked past the assistant manager, a white woman, speaking to another worker about the other employees: “I wish they’d just speak English!” It stopped me in my tracks! I was really disappointed that she thought that way. I realized although there was no excuse for her words, she probably didn’t think she was wrong for saying it. Microaggressions are dangerous because they force a prejudice thought onto another person. It’s like chipping away at ice, one knick at… Read more »


Last year Pharrell Williams added fashion to his cache of talents.  Having done many stints in fashion such as collaborating with Louis Vuitton on eyewear and jewelry, Pharrell was already a trend setter. The music producer and fashion mogul collaborated last year with G-Star, a denim label, to create a line called Raw from The Oceans. This was Pharrell’s line that was made from recycled ocean plastic. The idea is so Pharrell: genius, creative, and has a strong impact. Not only did he collaborate with them, he’s now co-owner of the denim label. When talking to Vogue magazine, Pharrell expressed how happy he was to be on board; “G-Star is an independently minded and forward-thinking company,” said Williams. “I believe they will be the definitive jeans brand of the 21st… Read more »

Title IX Changes Don’t Reflect the Realities of Sexual Assault

*Trigger warning for content that includes a description of sexual assault* Freshman year of college, I invited a boy to my dorm. This was hardly anything revolutionary because having people over to study, hookup, or just hangout was the norm for me. I had no expectations, only a small interest in him; I wanted to get to know him better but with no money like most college kids, a date for me was a calm conversation in my room. The night started off awkward; he was saying all the wrong things, I was saying all the wrong things. I could tell that we were turning each other off and so I decided to liven things up. I attempted a play fight with him to get the nervous energy out of… Read more »

Dear Incoming Freshman, Please Add Condoms to Your List of School Supplies

“Americans are having less sex” says CNN news article, but the spread and severity of sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs and STIs) are on the rise. New York magazine surveyed over 700 students and to their findings, only 41 percent of women and 49 percent of men reported being sexually active. You might assume that because of TV shows like “Skins” and “Shameless” college is a literal hotbed of sexual activity. Not so. In fact, in the same survey about 39 percent of students identified as virgins. So to assume that more and more young people are having less sex may not be far fetched. While sex is seemingly on a decline, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced this summer that  over 70 countries have identified a strain of… Read more »