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Posted by Rachel Bezek

Tale of Two Hospitals: How Failing to Expand Medicaid Hurts Kansans

April 19, 2017

Healthcare has been a national conversation for years now, going back and forth as the most talked about topic for Americas. Repub… Read more »

Posted by Aleo Pugh

On Free Speech, Discourse and Opinions

April 18, 2017

Free speech has been a heated and inconclusive source of debate in academia since the 1964 Free Speech Movement started at UC Berk… Read more »

Posted by Kristina Agbebiyi

toxic masculinity

Toxic Masculinity Is Not A Mental Illness

April 17, 2017

If you’ve been paying attention since the beginning of time, you’ll notice that men who commit acts of violence after being scorne… Read more »

Posted by Micaela Elizabeth Canales

Proposed Texas Viagra Bill Necessary for Men’s Safety

April 14, 2017

Texas Representative Jessica Farrar has introduced new legislation that will greatly protect the health and safety of Texas men se… Read more »

Posted by Taylor Crumpton


Now More Than Ever, Local Action Matters

April 13, 2017

On April 10th, Neil Gorsuch became an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court. With his nomination came the death of… Read more »

Posted by Jessica Morgan

How Ro Elori Cutno’s Message is Harmful to Black Women

April 11, 2017

As a black woman, I have a deep-seated anger for people who attempt to emphasize the qualities that all black women should have to… Read more »

Posted by Kenyetta Whitfield

I Am Fat — And That’s More Than OK

April 7, 2017

I am fat. Of all the things that shape my identity, being fat probably falls within the top 5 most important. I’ve been fat for ab… Read more »

Posted by Rachel Bezek

ghost in the shell

Learning to Step Back

April 5, 2017

Working night shift and being a generally exhausted college student, I’m up most hours of the night trying to get inspiration for… Read more »