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Posted by Ofelia Alonso

#DEFENDDACA, But Feeding White People Pain Porn is Not the Answer

September 5, 2017

DACA, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, is in danger. The program allows young immigrants to apply for a renewab… Read more »

Posted by Reilly Wieland

Tell Me I Look Sexy With My IUD Strings Pushed Back: Let’s Chat About IUDs

September 1, 2017

Let me tell you a true story: I took the birth control pill for less than a month, and it made me feel horrendous. I gained weight… Read more »

Posted by Lailah Berry

Dear Incoming Freshman, Please Add Condoms to Your List of School Supplies

August 31, 2017

“Americans are having less sex” says CNN news article, but the spread and severity of sexually transmitted diseases and infections… Read more »

Posted by Veneeta Danhoui

Domestic Violence Is a Reproductive Justice Issue

August 30, 2017

When my 24-year-old cousin got married this past year, my mom imparted onto her what she believes to be the key to an everlasting… Read more »

Posted by Guest Blogger

Making Space for Healing Justice

August 21, 2017

This summer, URGE activists gathered in Cleveland, Ohio for the first ever Summer Camp. Activists from AL, GA, TX, KS, & OH ca… Read more »

Posted by Guest Blogger

We Need to Stop Sexualizing Breastfeeding

August 18, 2017

A few weeks ago on a sweltering, Kansas afternoon, a friend and I stopped by a sub shop near my house for lunch. The store was emp… Read more »

Posted by Guest Blogger

How Ohio’s Government is Funneling Money into Fake Clinics

July 25, 2017

On July 1 the state of Ohio’s fiscal year 2018 budget took effect, providing $1,000,000 in funding to crisis pregnancy centers. Cr… Read more »

Posted by Guest Blogger

Kansas’s New Concealed Carry Laws Don’t Belong On Our Campuses

May 26, 2017

Come July 1st, 2017, Kansas will become the first state that allows students to bring guns on campus without a permit. As a commun… Read more »