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Civic Engagement

Young people don’t vote. At least that’s what the media says.

Well, it’s not true. Just look at the last two presidential elections and you can see that young people make a big impact.

People ages 18-29 make up 24% of the voting-eligible population in the United States. That number gets larger every year, as more of our generation reaches voting age. We are the most civically engaged generation in history, and we know we have the power to make real change.

We have the right to elect representatives who will fight for our rights in our cities, states, and in Washington, DC. We demand a say in what policies will govern our bodies, families, and communities. That’s why URGE works to mobilize and energize young people to get involved and to vote.

After all, voting is power - and power is sexy!

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November 3, 2012

Alabama Works to Get Voters to the Polls

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