A Statement from URGE on the tragedy in Orlando

Our hearts are broken today. Broken into fifty pieces. The tragic events last night in Orlando did not happen in a vacuum, they happened in a culture that is made unsafe for far too many of us. Our thoughts are with every victim and their families, and with all of people in the LGBTQ community who are hurting right now.

Today, we are on the third day of our national conference with participants from around the country. This conference is a time for young people to connect and share and learn from each other. The power and resilience of these incredible young people is what is going to change our world to be more just for us all. Our vision for the future is for us all to live in a place where we know longer worry about whether we can survive but instead dream hope and plan for the future in which we thrive. Our hearts are with everyone who is grieving today. Tomorrow, we pick back up the fight!