Apply for the 2018-19 Student Journalist Program

Calling all student writers in Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and Texas! 


URGE is excited to announce the search for our new class of student journalists. Our program has been going strong for a number of years, giving so many students the opportunity to write for the causes the care most about. From domestic violence to #metoo to #DefendDACA, our journalists are using their voices to amplify conversations on reproductive justice. Now, it’s your turn to do the same.

Our application for the 2018-19 class is now open. Apply by the end of the day on April 2nd, and get the chance to get PAID to write. Our journalists have been featured in a number of publications: Huffington Post, FBomb,, Black Girl Dangerous,, VICE, and more. This your chance to move the debate surround reproductive justice with your voice and your opinions.

Apply here.