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Hometown: Santa Ana, California
Favorite Writer: Audre Lorde and Emily Martin
Favorite Sex Scene: Scary Movie (2000); it’s highly unrealistic and over-exaggerated, which is why it’s hilarious!
Hidden Talent: I can bake all kinds of bread
Short Bio: Antoilyn is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania who is planning to major in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's. They are incredibly passionate about reproductive science and love organizing inclusive sexual health education efforts in their community. In their free time, they enjoy figure skating and listening to music while bullet journaling.


Posts By: Antoilyn Nguyen

An Open Letter to “Woke” Weebs That Consume Sexist, Pedophilic, and Fetishistic Japanese Media

Dear weebs and general enjoyers of anime and other media animated in Japanese art styles who preach about the perpetuation of pedophilia and Asian fetishization but still consume misogynistic and pedophilic media,  You’re all hypocrites to me.  The way that y’all preach about how detrimental the male gaze and sexualization of women/AFABs (assigned female at birth) and children are on social media like saints but then continue to consume sexist Japanese stylistic media before you go to bed is embarrassing. You give off the same energy as incels that fetishize young Asian women/AFABs and are complicit in misogyny, infantilization, and fetishization because you support these widespread forms of entertainment.  As someone who was assigned female at birth and grew up Asian, I won’t forgive you for it. I consider you… Read more »