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Hi! My name is Taylor Charles. I am a 20-year-old Gemini sun from Fairhope, AL with a passion for boybands and helping people!

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Alabama Councilman, Tommy Bryant, Must Be Held Accountable For Using A Racist Slur Against His Colleague

Tommy Bryant does not care about black people. On Monday, July 19, 2021, Alabama councilman Tommy Bryant was caught on video using the n-word towards fellow councilmember Veronica Freeman in a derogatory manner during a council meeting. Bryant has rejected requests to resign and has faced no consequences since the incident occurred. The city of Tarrant, which Bryant represents, has a 53.06% population of Black Americans who deserve to be represented by a councilman that doesn’t use slurs in government buildings and gets away with it. Tommy Bryant needs to be held accountable for his blatant disrespect towards his fellow councilmember and his constituents.  Growing up as a young black woman in the South, I am no stranger to microaggressions hidden under the guise of southern hospitality.  I have also attended a predominantly white institution (PWI) for most of my life which means… Read more »