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Living Vicariously Through the Black Image

As many in my generation do, I find TikTok to be very addicting.  I usually find myself on there for hours at a time, ignoring most of my responsibilities, for the pleasure of watching a compilation of clips that only last a few seconds. And if we’re being honest, I enjoy these moments of light thinking and “immaculate vibes”; being able to disconnect myself from reality for a few hours a day has become an essential part of my de-stressing routine. And, honestly, I’d say that’s the case for many others that spend an ample amount of time using the app.  Either that… or it’s all just an excuse for our lack of productivity and procrastination.  Regardless of the reason, with the amount of time I spend scrolling through Tiktok,… Read more »

These are the Characters You’re Looking For

  Warning: mild SPOILERS for the newest Star Wars film ahead When it was announced that Disney made a deal with George Lucas to buy out the Star Wars series, I was worried. I expected Disney to warp it into the common princess/damsel in distress trope, but Disney and J.J. Abrams came through and created a female character with more depth than many major film franchises are afraid to give to their female leads, including the original Star Wars trilogy. Not only that, but the cast chosen for Star Wars: The Force Awakens’s central trio is basically perfect and handle dumb questions like the one’s about BB-8’s gender (more correctly, lack thereof) with such grace. I also have high hopes for an open and repeatedly recognized gay relationship between a former… Read more »