Em-URGE-ing Voices

Miami University

Feminists Working on Revolutionary Democracy (F-WORD) is an active chapter at Miami University that focuses on a variety of intersectional feminist issues. Some of their biggest events are their Body Positivity Week in the fall, which focuses on uplifting members and the campus as a whole, as well as F-Week, which takes place in April and features a week of activist events, starting with the Take Back the Night march to highlight survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Throughout the semester, F-WORD also holds different protests and events in response to issues on campus and in the world.

Miami University’s F-WORD Organizes Campus Protest

On Wednesday, October 22nd members of URGE’s chapter the F-Word organized a protest in response to conservative pundit George Will speaking on their campus.  Over 100 students turned out for the protest and 50 students attended a talk on campus sexual assault later that night organized by Miami University’s Women’s Center.  George Will was paid $48,000 by the university to speak at Miami’s campus despite his recent disturbing comments about sexual assault survivors.  Moving forward the F-Word plans to continue the conversation on campus sexual assault and work with the university to create a safe environment for survivors.