Em-URGE-ing Voices

FEM and OU’s F-ckRapeCulture Homecoming March

For the last 6 years, Ohio University’s F-ck Rap Culture (FRC) has hosted an event aims to put pressure on the university administration for the funding of the Survivor Advocacy Program and a more accountable response to sexual assault on and around campus. This is the third year FEM has been involved, with 50-60 people attending this year.

Ohio University Counters Misinformation on Campus

Our chapter at Ohio University, FEM at OU, had a busy year full of advocacy. When the extreme anti-choice group, Created Equal, arrived on campus, they decided to cap off the semester with a counter-protest. Gathering members with signs, they distributed condoms and flyers to counter the misinformation Created Equal was peddling on their campus. The kicker? They put these flyers on wire hangers to remind their fellow students just what would happen if these anti-choice groups got their way.  FEM has another active year planned ahead. They are collaborating with other student groups for a voter registration party as one of the first events once they are back on campus.