Em-URGE-ing Voices

UGA has something to Say!

  Athens, Ga. – URGE chapter members  at the University of Georgia partnered with  the Feminist Women’s Health Center to raise awareness about reproductive justice in Georgia. The chapter members were  adamant about students knowing about Georgia state officials recent decision to cut off funds for Planned Parenthood  STI kits. These kits were the source for testing for STI’s such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. The event lasted approximately 2 hours and chapter members engaged students by signing them up for local, state and national conferences with URGE.  Chapter members were also able to pass out informational cards and make  a connection with their student body. UGA’s event made a BOLD statement and garnered major support.      

University of Georgia Blocks Anti-Choice Protest

The University of Georgia-Athens chapter proudly helped students walk across campus without harassment from anti-choice demonstrators. Image via Randy Schafer. Take a look at their campus newspaper for more pictures from the protest here: http://bit.ly/1n36dZW

UGA Fights Back Against Slut-Shaming

They got organized and mobilized the student body to speak out against the article. After dozens of comments, emails and letters to the editor, the school newspaper asked them to write a response article

UGA Celebrates Sweet Sixteen!

This year, the URGE arm of the organization is working on voter registration and Trick or Vote. They are also planning workshops with URGE’s own Kelley Robinson and SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!