Campus chapters are the heart of URGE’s work. All over the US, groups of dedicated students are working tirelessly for reproductive justice -- tackling issues specific to their campus, speaking out about state policy, & contributing to national campaigns.

Georgia Southern University


URGE at Georgia Southern University gives students the tools they need to organize, network, and exchange ideas. URGE aims to build a youth centered agenda and mobilize communities for gender equity and reproductive justice, and the GSU chapter is committed to furthering those goals across campus.

Chapter Updates

May 5, 2016

Georgia Southern University Increases Campus Pressure Over Sexual Assaults and Abortion Access

This semester our chapter at Georgia Southern University has been making change on campus on many fronts. First, back in February,… Read more »

Chapter Updates

February 3, 2014

Georgia Southern Working to Change Health Services

They assembled the first progressive student coalition to focus on securing better health care services for their students as a group called CASH (The Coalition for Accessible Student Healthcare).