Campus chapters are the heart of URGE’s work. All over the US, groups of dedicated students are working tirelessly for reproductive justice -- tackling issues specific to their campus, speaking out about state policy, & contributing to national campaigns.

Kansas State University

Manhattan, KS

FIRE is a feminist organization devoted to igniting progressive social change in our communities, while also creating a space for and centering the voices of those who have been erased, marginalized, or made invisible within these communities. They employ consciousness-raising, education and activism to confront the injustices that affect not only the local communities of Manhattan and the Kansas State campus, but also those who live beyond our local borders.

Chapter Updates

April 27, 2017

FIRE & Their Community Reclaim Space

On April 25th, FIRE had their Take Back Our Lives event. This included a rally/open-mic, march, and performance. It was a communit… Read more »

Chapter Updates

February 14, 2017

FIRE Talks Good Sex

For Valentine’s Day, Feminists Igniting Resistance & Empowerment (FIRE), URGE’s Kansas State chapter, had an event called “Goo… Read more »

Chapter Updates

February 12, 2016

FIRE at Kansas State Gets Campus Ready for Valentine’s Day with Sex Kits

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and increase sexual health education at Kansas State University, FIRE distributed safe sex kits. Comp… Read more »