The Fort Valley State University

The chapter at The Fort Valley State University gives emerging leaders the tools they need to organize, network, and exchange ideas to build a youth centered agenda and mobilize communities for gender equity and reproductive justice.

Columbus State University

The URGE chapter at Columbus State University is new, it was founded in the spring of 2020. Our chapter is called Cougars for the Autonomy and Agency for All Peoples, it is a bit of a mouthful so we go by the acronym CAAAP. Our current chapter goals include creating a sustainable chapter through recruitment and reproductive justice advocacy through informative meetings and campaigns.

Bethel College

Bethel College FemCore is a student led feminist collective working towards gender equity and reproductive justice at Bethel and in the broader Newton community. By partnering with URGE as a student chapter, FemCore has been able to sponsor students to attend advocacy days at the Kansas state capitol, URGE’s Reproductive Justice Leadership Institutes, and Wichita Pride events. On Bethel’s campus, FemCore has also implemented Bring in the Bystander workshops, advocates for Title IX policy reform, and provides menstrual products for students. Follow them on Instagram at @bc_femcore.

University of California, Davis

Students for Reproductive Freedom at UC Davis advocates for reproductive health care access and education. They are also a Planned Parenthood Generation Action affiliate.

University of California, Santa Barbara

Students for Reproductive Justice at UC Santa Barbara is committed to changing structural inequalities that affect reproductive justice on campus and beyond. They are a part of the ASUCSB Human Rights Board.

Miami University

Feminists Working on Revolutionary Democracy (F-WORD) is an active chapter at Miami University that focuses on a variety of intersectional feminist issues. Some of their biggest events are their Body Positivity Week in the fall, which focuses on uplifting members and the campus as a whole, as well as F-Week, which takes place in April and features a week of activist events, starting with the Take Back the Night march to highlight survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. Throughout the semester, F-WORD also holds different protests and events in response to issues on campus and in the world.

University of Cincinnati

URGE at the University of Cincinnati sits in an area of rich history for both racial, gender and reproductive justice, and aims to further that history. The student chapter hosted The National Period Day rally, working to abolish Ohio’s menstrual product tax and hosts a comprehensive sexual education event every semester known as The Sex Drive. The UC URGE chapter continues to grow as time marches forward.