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Aryn Reed (they/them)

Ohio Voter Engagement Fellow


Aryn Reed (they/them) is  honored to be the new URGE Voter Engagement Fellow. They are based out of Columbus, Ohio and have been working with URGE at the campus/state level since 2018 as a Chapter Leader, Canvasser, and then a Campaign Manager. Aryn is thrilled and excited to continue their work with URGE in this new position continuing to work with IVE!
Aryn is a recent Master of Public Administration graduate from The Ohio State University and is excited to put their skills to use in this position. They also work as an abortion storyteller to raise awareness on the increased barriers to abortion access for queer/gender non-confirming people. Aryn is a physically disabled, queer, sex-positive person with a passion for crocheting and art. They’re also passionate about their family, which consists of their incredible life partner, Jasmine, and their tuxedo cat Mr. Cadbury!