About Us

Danielle Hurd-Wilson

Field Director

Danielle Hurd-Wilson is a southerner, a queer Black Feminist, a Reproductive Justice advocate. As a young organizer, Danielle has lead, participated in, and worked with a number of progressive groups, concerned with issues of racial justice, reproductive and gender equity and LGBTQ+ liberation. Danielle brings more than five years of experience in reproductive justice advocacy work, youth activist work, and logistical support. Danielle has a long relationship with URGE, having begun as a State Organizer and currently serving as one of the directors of URGE’s Field Department, where they work to support and constantly evolve the work with URGE’s members.

An ardent spokesperson and author for reproductive justice advocacy, Danielle has been quoted or published in: The Advocate, Essence, Re.Wire and other outlets. Danielle holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and MA in Women’s and Gender Studies from the University of Alabama. They are also a graduate of the Midwest Academy and Black Feminist Organizing school.

Danielle was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and believes that y’all is the best word in the English language. They have a lot of opinions about rock music being black folks’ music, the correct amount of garlic in any given recipe, and being a fat gym bunny. Danielle currently lives in Washington, DC with their spouse, Gaby and their dog, Jalapeño Gregg.

Danielle uses they/them pronouns.