About Us

Dey Nava

California State Program Director

Dey Nava is a dedicated reproductive rights and justice advocate from Northern California. She attended UC Davis and graduated in 2015 with a B.S. in Anthropology.

She previously served as Campaign Manager for the Women’s Foundation of California where she led a successful legislative campaign for SB 24 (Levya), which expanded access to abortion care on all California public universities. During the campaign, Dey coordinated strategy for the bill’s many coalition partners and created justCARE, a student advocacy group with members across 15 campuses.

Dey was also the Public Affairs Officer for Planned Parenthood Northern California where she empowered the next generation of young leaders at the first-ever Youth Power Summit and trained hundreds of supporters to lobby their legislators during an annual lobby day. She also helped advance reproductive healthcare legislation such as SB 999, which guarantees 12 months of birth control under all insurance plans.

Dey is passionate about advancing healthcare access for all and ensuring that the social and economic environments within communities support long and healthy lives. In her spare time, she enjoys watching films, exploring new restaurants, baking every weekend (literally) and traveling.

Dey uses she/her/ella pronouns.