About Us

Emily Cuarenta

Georgia State Organizer

Emily Cuarenta (she/her/Ella) is a first-generation Mexican-American. She is a born and raised Georgia Peach from the metro-Atlanta area. She moved to Middle Georgia to attend Mercer University. She will complete her B.A. degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and a certificate in Applied Social Justice in the summer of 2020. She will proudly be the first in her family to be a college graduate. 

Emily was the president of the Mercer URGE chapter. She was involved with Rainbow Connection, which is an organization that facilitates LGBTQ+ education workshops for Mercer staff and faculty. She was also an RRASC intern for Access Reproductive Care-Southeast in 2017. Her eye-opening experience with the abortion fund motivated her to continue to fight for abortion access in the South. She is unapologetically abortion positive!

As a Georgia State Organizer, Emily wants to empower and uplift young folks, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people. One of her goals is to continue the work URGE has done to destigmatize and normalize abortion. Most importantly, she wants the conversation around reproductive health, rights, and justice to affirm and amplify the voices of Trans and non-binary people. 

In her spare time, you can find Emily playing Animal Crossing, spending time with her family, and learning to perfect her makeup looks.