About Us

Eshe Shukura

Georgia State Organizer

Eshe Shukura is a Fat Queer Non-binary Black Woman Artist and Feminist from Atlanta, Ga via St. Louis, Mo. Raised in a PanAfricanist household, they graduated from Hampshire College with a BA in Liberal Arts; emphasis in theater. While at Hampshire, Eshe founded Community Advocacy, an umbrella organization representing the interest and needs of the campuses marginalized communities.

A serious artist, for her senior thesis, they co-directed and starred in their original play, “Fat. Black. & Ugly.” which won the James Baldwin playwright award at the Five College Word Festival in Amherst, MA. Since graduating, Eshe has been active in Atlanta, organizing with SNAPCO and Southerners On New Grounds defending and uplifting the value of Black Lives through a ProQueer/Trans lens. Eshe performs locally in the Atlanta art scene and is a member of the cultural organization, Southern Fried Queer Pride. They recently were an artist in resident with, Queer Emerging Artist Residency, at Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, Ca. where she created multimedia art that archived and explored the Black experience with doors from the door of no return to current police raids. They believe in art as a tool for Justice. They are a trained facilitator of Theater of the Oppressed, and believe that it is necessary we practice our tactics and imagine our visions.

They know that Reproductive Justice is all justice, and she is excited to be at URGE! They use they/them and she/her pronouns; interchangeably.