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Heidi Gerbracht – Vice-Chair

Founder and Director

Equity Agenda -

Founder and Director of Equity Agenda

Heidi Gerbracht is a veteran strategist and a local government expert.  She worked formerly as the National Program Director of Bright Cities, a program of Healthy Babies Bright Futures, where she works with cities on policies and programs to measurably limit neurotoxic chemical exposures in pregnant women and children.  Previously, she also served as the Vice President of Public Policy of a local association working on housing and transportation issues.  Ms. Gerbracht served the city of Austin in various capacities for nearly a decade, where she was instrumental in the passage of much of Austin’s innovative legislation, including regulation of so-called crisis pregnancy centers, paid parental leave for city employees, and requiring rest breaks for construction workers. 

Prior to moving to Austin, she spent several years fundraising and doing grassroots online organizing at the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association in Washington DC, where her online work was recognized by the National Journal.  Ms. Gerbracht serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors of Annie’s List, an organization that empowers and elects progressive women to office in Texas.  She also serves as an advisor on policy to several local non-profits