About Us

Jessy Rosales (she/ella)

California State Organizer

Jessy (she/ella) is an abortion storyteller and abortion doula. She has been working debunking abortion myths and dispelling abortion stigma since 2016. As a student her focus was to create long systemic change in Riverside CA. She has since then gone on to work on the first abortion mandate in the nation that changed the entire abortion-landscape for the state of California. She is determined to continue shaping the political landscape to make way for more progressive strides on gaining better abortion access for all people. Her hope is to continue to shift the Overton Window on abortion and the rest of the nation would follow. Inspired by Audre Lorde, Jessy believes it is better to speak than to live in silence. Jessy will continue to speak up and share her truth in order to shed light on the dangers of abortion stigma.