About Us

Makayla Richards (she/they)

Georgia State Organizer

M.K. Richards is a queer, Afro-Caribbean, birthworker and community healer living, learning and loving in Atlanta, Georgia. As the oldest of 7, M.K.’s commitment to reproductive justice originate from her experience of big sisterhood. While an undergraduate student at Brandeis University, M.K. developed an Independent Interdisciplinary Major in Black Women’s Studies in order to turn an analytical and committed eye to researching Black feminist histories of kinship building, sex and sexuality in the United States. Their work also includes exploring radical reparenting of the self, all-age inclusive sex education, and gender expansive full spectrum doula care for queer, trans, non-binary, and young Black and brown. Makayla sees sex and abortion positivity as integral to eradicating anti-Black perceptions of sex and sexuality, and white supremacy at large. When not organizing, she can be found cuddled up with either of her fur babies Zami (Pitt-Pointer mix) or Sage (American shorthair cat), making herbal concoctions or doing her hair and nails. 

Makayla uses “They” and “She” pronouns.