About Us

Neve Brown

Communications Coordinator

Neve Brown is an intersectional feminist and sophomore at the University of Delaware, where she studies Public Policy and Gender studies. Growing up in Southern California, she developed a passion for reproductive justice at a young age. On-campus, she is proudly involved with Planned Parenthood of Delaware and Sexual Offense Support, which allows her to present bystander intervention training to fellow college students. Additionally, Neve has recently interned with the Texas Equal Access Fund, where she was able to expand her knowledge regarding barriers to abortion access in southern regions of the United States.

After graduation, Neve hopes to pursue a degree in law and ultimately work on expanding access and affordability surrounding sexual and reproductive healthcare, whilst prioritizing and elevating the voices of marginalized communities.

In her spare time, Neve enjoys blogging about curly hair care, raising awareness about pelvic pain conditions such as vaginismus, and pursuing the search for the perfect acai bowl.

Pronouns: she/her