About Us

Neve Brown (she/her)

Communications Coordinator

Neve (she/her) is grew up in Southern California and is currently a student at the University of Delaware, studying Public Policy and Gender Studies. Reproductive justice work is her greatest passion and joy and she’s previously worked with Texas Equal Access Fund and Planned Parenthood of Delaware. Neve is also a Sexual Offense Support Advocate on her college campus and part of the Condom Collective Program with Advocates for Youth. In 2021, she was recognized as a Truman Scholar Finalist for her application calling for the decriminalization of self-managed abortion. After graduation, Neve hopes to pursue a J.D. degree with the ultimate goal of working to inform legislation that allows all people the right to sexual and reproductive healthcare and centers the needs of marginalized communities. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Animal Crossing, singing off-key, and fostering conversations about chronic illness and disability- informed by her experiences with endometriosis, vaginismus, and ADHD. She’s also currently training as an abortion doula and hopes to resume clinic escorting in the near future. Neve hopes to invest more time this year in rooting her work in joy and the collective power of young people and exploring her budding interests in sustainable fashion, movement as an avenue for healing, and writing as a path for self-liberation and discovery.