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Nia-Simone Woods


Spelman College -



Nia-Simone Woods is a junior Sociology major and Public Health minor at Spelman College. She is a proud member of the 2017-2018 cohort of the Spelman Social Justice Fellows program and serves as one of the presidents of Spelman’s URGE (Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity) chapter. Nia-Simone additionally serves as the GROW & Communications Director of the Spelhouse Chapter of GlobeMed. She has completed public health work in the Soweto Township of Johannesburg, South Africa working alongside community members to develop resolution and prevention methods to combat high levels of teenage pregnancy and drug abuse in the area. Nia-Simone has additionally conducted research at both the National Institutes of Health and Howard University in the areas of Precision Medicine and Alzheimer’s respectively. In the future, she plans to become a pediatric surgeon in the efforts of bridging the gap between the research that is done on behalf of marginalized communities and what care is actually provided and accessible to them.
Nia-Simone believes that the just treatment of all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual identity or any other marginalized identity, should be present in every aspect of work and life.