About Us

Olivia Woods (she/her)

Ohio Senior State Organizer

Olivia Woods, originally from Chicago, began her organizing work in Columbus. She attended Oberlin College as a first-generation college student and Posse scholar. She graduated in 2019 with a double major in Sociology and Africana Studies with a focus in Public Health. Olivia is passionate about Black liberation and is dedicated to bringing a Reproductive Justice framework to every place, project, and conversation she is a part of. Reproductive justice is important to her because it allows space for intersectional activism. Olivia believes that working and organizing with other young people is an opportunity for constant growth and learning as well as an opportunity to fight for a future where Black and brown people can live and thrive. An ideal way for Olivia to spend her free time would be in the sun, with a puppy, and a taco. Olivia uses she/her pronouns.