About Us

Reggie Page

Executive Assistant

Reginald “Reggie” Page, is the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of URGE. As the E.A. Reggie maneuvers with great attention to detail and operative measures.

With over 14 years of experience in the administrative management field, Reggie has an undeniable passion for the art of managing behind the scenes. His professional career spans every administrative role imaginable, including but not limited to Office Manager, Receptionist, Director of Administration, and Assistant. In addition to his hands on experience, Reggie has earned several professional certifications from various institutions and organizations related to the advancement of his administrative career. He is currently exploring a continued education through the business program of Southern New Hampshire University.

Reggie is very analytical and prides himself on the integration of systematic and logical thinking in his day to day operations. He is known to often use the phrase “You know I think with the left side of my brain.”
Outside of his professional endeavors, Reggie enjoys all things creative. It’s likely to find Reggie singing, writing, shopping, creating, or just enjoying the many forms of performing arts. He is also an event planner and a creative consultant. Reggie has one thought for all things… “If you don’t sparkle, then you cant shine”

Reggie uses he/him pronouns