About Us

Taylor Harrison (she/her)

Data Manager

Taylor (she/her) is a queer white woman born and bred in the rolling hills of beautiful Southern Ohio. Raised by a nurse, Taylor grew up learning about sex and bodies in a home with no stigma, so when she attended public school and saw the “sex ed” being taught, she was confused. Confusion turned to anger and helplessness as she saw firsthand how a lack of access to proper sex ed negatively impacted people’s lives.

She obtained a BA in English Literature with specializations in Queer Lit and Women in Lit, due to her deep love of stories and her dedication to gender-oppressed people. While in college, she distributed hundreds of condoms to her classmates and organized with what would eventually become the URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity chapter on her campus.

In the Fall of 2015, she joined URGE as a Canvasser, talking to young people about comprehensive sex ed. URGE introduced her to the concept of Reproductive Justice, and her political education exploded. She suddenly saw the lack of access to sex education and abortion care was just part of a network of injustices. One campaign became many, and she is now the national Data Manager of URGE, using her love of stories to find meaning in data, and leveraging that data to make change.

Taylor attended the 2019 Anne Braden program for antiracist organizers and has been on the board of Preterm, a major abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, since early 2020. She is happiest when she’s in nature, at a concert, surrounded by friends, or eating delicious foods. She lives in Bowling Green, Ohio with her furry son, Nox.