About Us

Vic Harris

Alabama State Coordinator

Vic is a queer person who uses they/them/their pronouns. They were born in Berlin, Germany and raised all over the United States. They graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Public Relations and Interdisciplinary Studies (Creativity and the Black Experience). While studying at the university they realized they had a passion for social activism and upon getting involved with URGE they realized reproductive health is where they wanted to focus their attention.

Vic has worked with URGE as a canvasser and data manager on previous campaigns and briefly worked at the Nollie Jenkins Family Center as an assistant LGBTQ coordinator. They also have an ongoing project focusing on spanking in the Black community in order to address the issue and possibly alleviate it. When Vic isn’t working they are playing video games, working on a graphic novel, prepping a dungeons and dragons session or playing rugby.