If you stop a person on the street and ask them to describe what they think a reproductive justice activist looks like, chances are they are going to describe a woman (who may or may not be standing next to a pile of burning bras). But that is not the only way the movement looks today, and it’s certainly not where the movement is going. Many men have realized the ways that reproductive oppression affects them and the ones they love, and how some traditional ideas of masculinity hurt everyone. However, there is still a long way to go in working out the relationship between men, masculinity, queerness and reproductive justice.

Advocating for Policy Change: Pro-choice men can be a powerful force in helping move our policy agenda forward, which is exactly why URGE will lead the way in recruiting and elevating their voices within this movement. By building a network of outspoken, actively-engaged men, we are building the power necessary to move policy and win on our issues.

Challenging Media Messages: In order to truly win reproductive justice, we have to undertake a serious dialogue about the indisputable connection between traditional representations of masculinity and reproductive oppression. This means having real conversations about how young men’s lives are shaped and impacted by gender roles and reproductive oppression, and figuring out strategies for moving them to action. Through the Bro-Choice Campaign, URGE will elevate this dialogue in the media, ultimately disrupting the dominant narrative that reproductive justice is exclusively a “women’s issue.”

Changing Campus Culture: In addition to elevating a strategic dialogue about men and masculinity, the Bro-Choice campaign also seeks to significantly expand the number of young men actively and vocally engaged in our campus chapters. Our chapters will be asking young men to sign the Bro-Choice Pledge, making a personal commitment to challenge traditional gender norms and actively speak out in favor of reproductive justice.

Sign the Bro-Choice Pledge today!