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Posted by Caitlin

Take Back the Night at Texas State

April 17, 2015

This week I attended my first Take Back the Night event at my university. For those who aren’t familiar Take Back the Night is a n… Read more »

Posted by Tristan

Pregnancy and Incarceration: Intersectional Justice

April 15, 2015

Image from flickr user Marc Soller Reproductive justice within prison communities does not get discussed nearly enough. People who… Read more »

Posted by Robyn

From Flickr user William Murphy, "infomatique"

Call It Anti-Choice, Not Pro-Life

April 14, 2015

I’ve never understood why “pro-choice” and “pro-life” are considered to be opposites. More specifically, I’ve never understood why… Read more »

Posted by Thelma Hernandez

California’s Cruel Policy that Keeps Families in Poverty

April 10, 2015

At the end of last month SB 23 passed its first committee in the California Legislature.  For those of you who don’t know, SB 23 i… Read more »

Posted by Paul

Public Assistance is Reproductive Justice

April 9, 2015

Photo by Flickr user “chrstphre” Recently, my home state of Kansas passed a law that places several restrictions on the usage of b… Read more »

Posted by Tristan

What are the Politics of Desirability?

April 8, 2015

“Those of us who stand outside the circle of this society’s definition of acceptable women; those of us who have been forged in th… Read more »

Posted by Robyn

Abandon Girl Hate

April 7, 2015

From OpenClipart user “worker” Last night, with no explanation, I walked by a girl who I instantly didn’t like. It might have been… Read more »

Posted by Kadijah

Reflecting on #BlackGirlsRock

April 6, 2015

View image | Last night, I watched the airing of the Black Girls Rock Award Show on BET. It was lovely seeing the… Read more »