Young people have always been a force to be reckoned with, fueling the flame for change. They know what is needed for their liberation, and they have the vision to shape our collective futures.

URGE’s 2024 Young People’s Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda establishes a clear foundation for the policies that will advance young people’s liberation and support policymakers who want to engage with young people. The agenda, supported by a new nationally representative poll of young people ages 18-30, provides insights on domestic issues young people care about the most, the impact of the current policy landscape and how policymakers can boldly and collectively act to move the nation closer to achieve their vision of reproductive justice and full liberation. This agenda was shared with Senators and Members of Congress and will serve as a roadmap to engage with young people in the midst of a consequential election cycle.

Young people will be a crucial voting bloc heading into 2024, with tens of millions of new eligible voters since the 2016 election holding power that can shape the outcome of federal, state and local races. Rather than sit on the sidelines, Counter to the way young folks are often characterized, 74% of young voters are likely to vote in November. Gen Z voters have been politically active, playing a key role in organizing their communities ahead of the 2022 midterms, as well as in special elections in Kansas, Ohio, and nationwide. 

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The report highlights six main issue areas:

1. Accessing Abortion Without Barriers

2. Supporting Trans, Intersex and Queer Young People

3. Realizing the Potential of Our Democracy

4. Access to Healthcare and Comprehensive Sex Education 

5. Transforming Our Economy So Young People Can Thrive

6. Creating Safe And Healthy Communities.

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