Poll Finds Wide Support from Young People

for Reproductive Justice Policies

In early 2024, URGE commissioned HIT Strategies to conduct a national poll of young adults aged 18-30 years old to understand young people’s domestic policy priorities, particularly where they stand on Reproductive Justice issues and civic engagement. Key policy findings include:

  • Young Voters express high support for URGE’s policy agenda. A majority of young voters indicated support for each of the policy stances tested, highlighting an opportunity to mobilize around these issues.
  • There is especially high agreement on support for affordable access to healthcare, with 86% of the audience supporting it, 71% of which strongly support it.
  • Most young voters either support the right to abortion (59%) or believe the government shouldn’t interfere with the decision (30%), together making up 90% of the audience that does not want to see the right to abortion threatened. Only 10% believe abortion is wrong and should be illegal.
  • 52% of young voters say they would feel more favorable towards their representative in Congress if they knew they supported ending discrimination against transgender people.

The following memo outlines more detailed policy findings from the poll.

Download as a PDF

Methodology: These findings are from a proprietary survey conducted by HIT Strategies on behalf of URGE. This survey consisted of 1000 registered voters nationally, with 4 National Oversamples: Online n100 AAPI, Online n100 Black, Online n100 Latinx, Online n100 LGBTQ, and 6 State-Based Oversamples: Online/Phone/TTW n300 AL, Online n250 CA, Online/Phone/TTW n300 GA, Online/Phone/TTW n300 KS, Online/Phone/TTW n300 OH, Online/Phone/TTW n250 TX. The survey was conducted via online panel, text-to-web, and phone. The survey was fielded from February 2-12, 2024 and the margin of error is +/- 2.68%. Margin of error is higher among subgroups.