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Whether you are completely new to activism and community organizing or you are ready to take the next step towards organizing within a reproductive justice framework we have something for you. There are lots of ways that you can become a part of URGE and take a step toward claiming your power to advance social change:

Chapter tabling

Start a local chapter

Campus Chapters and Community Action Networks (CANs)

The core of URGE’s organizing work continues to be our campus-based chapters and Community Action Networks, based in our investment states—AL, GA, TX, KS, OH, and CA.

URGE's Young People's Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda

Learn about the issues

Read the 2024 Young People’s Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda

Young people have always been a force to be reckoned with, fueling the flame for change. They know what is needed for their liberation, and they have the vision to shape our collective futures.

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Fuel the movement

Young people have always been the visionaries of progressive movements.

Through our work organizing and mobilizing young people, their bold vision for liberation translates into real change. Doing so addresses the greatest injustices first, while ultimately freeing us all.


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