Each of us has the right to make our own decisions about whether and when to become a parent. Period.

URGE’s Abortion Positive Tour is a yearly event that gives everyone – but particularly young people in the South, Midwest, and California – the opportunity to take action and declare their support for abortion.

This campaign takes on the personal stigma associated with abortion and the political stigma that keeps us from making legislative progress on abortion rights.

Being abortion positive means being willing to talk about abortion, what it means, and why it’s a health care service so many people will need in their lifetimes.

  • It means knowing that “abortion” isn’t a bad word and that abortion isn’t a bad decision.
  • It means sharing your abortion story if you want to.
  • It means making it clear to family and friends that you will be a resource and a source of support for anyone who needs an abortion.
  • It means moving abortion health, rights, and justice movements to action, not just playing defense.

Our hope is that, by talking about abortion and actually using the word, we will erase the stigma attached to it and decrease the hate aimed at its supporters.

While being loud and proud about abortion is not new, we put a unique URGE spin on it and let young people lead the way.

The 2022 Abortion Positive Tour included campus events, Instagram and TikTok updates from URGE organizers, Instagram live Q&As, giveaways, and much more.

While Abortion Positive Tour may be over for 2022, you can still show your support for ending abortion stigma by joining the conversation on social media and tagging posts with #AbortionPositive.