Our Folks

Our Folks: Voices of LGBTQ+ Youth of Color


Our voices matter. For too long, the narratives and expertise of young queer and trans people of color in the South and Midwest have been ignored or talked over. Together, we will build community and amplify our voices, our stories, and our perspectives on reproductive justice, gender equity, and LGBTQ+ liberation.

What the Program Offers:

Through Our Folks: Voices of LGBTQ+ Youth of Color, young content creators and storytellers will have the opportunity to gain skills in writing for a variety of blogs and media outlets, creating engaging digital content, while using social media to amplify their work.

Typically running from August through May, the program begins with training on how to develop content ideas and put together engaging earned and social media pieces, and ends with an all-cohort digital broadcast to reflect on the experience. Cohort members are supported in producing 8 pieces of content for URGE digital media channels (4 written, 4 digital). Participants are compensated per piece of completed content.

At the end of the program, participants will have a portfolio of written and digital work, increased visibility in the dialogue around Reproductive Justice, concrete skills in writing for change, and the knowledge that they have helped call attention to issues important to their campus, community, and state. We hope that through this program, participants will also find a community of creatives that share their values and passion for social justice as they continue to build power and amplify their voices with URGE. View members of our most recent Our Folks cohort here

To Apply:

Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (formfacade.com)