The Issues

Economic Justice

A fundamental cause of social inequity is our capitalist economic system, which serves the needs of industry and corporate profits over the needs of the people that live and work here. In our vision, a just society creates safety by supporting us all with policies that help us meet our most basic human needs and ensure that we have equal access to employment, livable wages, and health care. Increasingly, young people find themselves in poverty due to crushing student debt, impacting every aspect of their lives, including their ability to start a family. URGE believes that young people deserve economic policies that allow them to grow and thrive.

  • Place and enforce employment non-discrimination ordinances  
  • Support initiatives that reduce homelessness for LGBTQIA+ youth  
  • Expand Medicare to include everyone  
  • Raise the federal minimum wage  
  • Eradicate student debt  
  • Fund and implement initiatives that support pregnant and parenting youth