Integrated Voter Engagement

URGE is organizing communities and building progressive infrastructures in the South and Midwest where marginalized people are most under threat due to harmful decision makers. We are building a culture of civic engagement to sustain this work for the long road ahead.

Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute

Reproductive Justice Leadership Institutes, or RJLIs, are yearly membership convenings held in URGE investment states to welcome new members, train new and upcoming leaders on the issues and hard skills, and ground everyone in community and values.

Abortion Positive Tour

Abortion Positive Tour is a yearly event that gives everyone – but particularly young people in the South, Midwest, and California – the opportunity to take action and declare their support for abortion.

Beyond Policing

Through URGE’s Beyond Policing artivism project, we invite you to be inspired by the vision these young artists of color have created and challenge you to imagine what community-based public safety and transformative justice could look like in a new way.  

Our Folks: Voices of LGBTQ+ Youth Of Color

Through Our Folks: Voices of LGBTQ+ Youth Of Color, young people have the opportunity to gain skills in giving media interviews, writing for a variety of blogs and media outlets, and using social media to amplify their work. View members of our current Our Folks cohort here.