URGE Releases 2024 Young People’s Policy Agenda, Highlighting the Policy Priorities of Young Voters Heading into the Election

March 19, 2024

The Young People’s Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda outlines the most prevalent issues for young people going into the 2024 election, detailing their goals for achieving reproductive justice and full liberation.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity released the 2024 Young People’s Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda to establish a clear foundation for the policies that will advance young people’s liberation and support policymakers who want to engage with young people. The agenda, supported by a new nationally representative poll of young people ages 18-30, provides insights on domestic issues young people care about, the impact of the current policy landscape and how policymakers can boldly and collectively act to move the nation closer to Reproductive Justice. This agenda was shared with Senators and Members of Congress and will serve as a roadmap to engage with young people in the midst of a consequential election cycle.

URGE, working hand-in-hand with young people, harnessed their recommendations in the Young People’s Policy Agenda and laid out key policies for lawmakers to implement. The agenda envisions a future rooted in safer and healthier communities, fairer economic practices and opportunities for all of us to be active participants in our government. It highlights six main issue areas:

  • Accessing Abortion Without Barriers; 
  • Supporting Trans, Intersex and Queer Young People; 
  • Realizing the Potential of Our Democracy; 
  • Access to Healthcare and Comprehensive Sex Education; 
  • Transforming Our Economy So Young People Can Thrive; And 
  • Creating Safe And Healthy Communities.

“Young people are disproportionately impacted by abortion bans and restrictions, are feeling the weight of a lopsided economy, and tired of discriminatory policies that target people of color and LGBTQIA+ communities. They are energized and organized to fight back and make their voices heard,” said Hope Jackson, URGE’s Deputy Director of Programs and Policy. “URGE’S Young People’s Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda highlights the specific policy priorities young people want from their leaders in order to create a future where they can thrive. Creating a stronger country starts now and with young people at the forefront.” 

Young people are more progressive than previous generations and want to see politicians and policies that reflect their values. New national polling from HIT Strategies quantifies this for the Reproductive Justice issues in this policy agenda. This nationally-representative poll of young voters 18-30 years old found a majority of support for each issue identified in the report, with affordable access to health care, ending economic inequality, and making it easier to vote, getting especially strong support. The poll also found that majorities of young voters also said they would feel more favorable towards their representatives in Congress if they supported abortion access and protections against transgender discrimination while very few young voters would feel less favorable.

“While extremist Republicans work to rip away our fundamental reproductive rights, URGE’s Young People’s Reproductive Justice Policy Agenda focuses on key issues critical to securing reproductive freedom for all,” said Senator Mazie Hirono. “As we continue fighting to ensure that generations of youth to come can live in a world where they have reproductive rights and bodily autonomy, we must keep listening to and uplifting young and diverse voices.”

“By being proactive about the issues that our individual and collective communities face, young people are demonstrating that our power is here. We need legislators to work with us and for the youth. We are here today knowing that young people and their voices carry all the power,” said Brandi Underwood, Student Board Member at Wesleyan College. 

About URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity

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