Join the Movement


For too long, anti-abortion politicians have shut down clinics, passed new and harmful restrictions, and shamed us for our decisions. For too long, labels like “pro-choice” and “pro-life” have failed to capture the complexity of our views or the courage of our convictions.

Sign the Pledge to be Unapologetically #AbortionPositive and demand an end to the shame, bans, and attacks on our care. Then, get connected to URGE events and chapters near you.

I am unapologetically abortion positive. I pledge to:

  • TAKE ACTION to protect abortion access in my community. No young person should be forced to leave their community or state to get necessary health care. I deserve dignity and justice at home.
  • DEMAND AN END to the criminalization of abortion. Each of us should be able to end a pregnancy safely, with dignity, and without fear of arrest, investigation, or jail.
  • CONFRONT abortion stigma by exposing myths, correcting misinformation, and rejecting the shame opponents of abortion inflict on those who support, seek, and provide abortion care.

Being abortion positive means no shame, no stigma, and no apologies.