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Hometown: Palmhurst, TX (RGV)

Favorite writer: Warsan Shire

Favorite sex scene: I really don't have one but I appreciate all of the pioneering lesbian sex representation on The "L" Word

Hidden talent: I can put my foot behind my head :)

Posts By: Aimaloghi Eromosele

The Problem with the Karen Archetype

Dear White Girl (all white people really) who made the Tik Tok compilation video of her admittedly fashionable, quirky, yet still, very white mother with a caption that reads  “Y’all were raised by Karens, but I was raised by a Veronica”,  I’m assuming the “y’all” you are referring to is other white people who have high-strung and difficult mother figures.   For the sake of being thorough,  I’ll define what a Karen is to me.  “Karen” is a term for entitled, demanding, racist white women who weaponize their perceived fragility and victimhood to enact harm on any person(s) they deem fit, which is usually Black people just existing.  (See a karen compilation here) With a definition such as that, and a whole wikipedia page dedicated to this type of character, I… Read more »

There is No Self-Care without Community Care

Illustration: Dani Pendergast You know that weird thing that happens when you say a word too many times repeatedly, and it starts to feel funny on your tongue when you pronounce it, and sound funny when you hear it? After a while, you don’t even know if the word you’re saying is real? That’s what the term “self-care” has become for me. Your favorite instagram therapist has a bulleted list of ideas on how to care for self. Cosmetic brands are selling 98% petroleum jelly, 2% lavender essential oil eye creams under the guise of self care. At the end of every hour-long zoom meeting (which let’s be real, could have easily been an email, but I digress,) there’s some kind of self-care lecture and plug. At this point, I… Read more »

Race, Food, and Justice: Decolonizing the Collective Black Relationship to Land

*Part I of a potential series*  With lockdown and social distancing in effect due to quarantine, time was in abundance. We were all forced to travel inwards and explore our repressed and procrastinated passions and projects, whether that be home renovations or baking bread. I was no exception to this and took time this summer to finally invest in a skill set that has been on my heart for many years: farming. I set up my little “Black Eden” in my backyard, tilling the soil, sowing seeds, and tending to my okra and tomatoes. I saw my own hands amongst the blackness of the Earth and smelled the freshness of the soil, and I would feel inspired. Of course, there was a learning curve, but eventually, my farm ended up being… Read more »

Is Liberation “High Vibe?”

We’ve all seen it a million times. Maybe on somebody’s mother’s Facebook cover photo or a tacky Forever 21 hoodie: “Good Vibes Only”. What does that really mean, though? What exactly constitutes living a #highvibe lifestyle, and where exactly does this fit within our reimagined, liberated futures? I consider myself to be very spiritual, although not too strongly aligned with any one doctrine. I deeply value my own faith and connection to God (Creator, Oneness, Universe, Source, etc.) and my ancestors. I pray regularly, meditate, honor my spiritual beliefs, and practice as much as possible while giving grace for my human errors. I also consider myself to be a community organizer with a strong commitment to actualizing anti-racist, anti-capitalist, sex-positive, and gender-expansive, liberated futures under a transformative justice framework. With… Read more »