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Name & Pronouns: Chancie C (they/them)
Favorite Writer: Octavia Butler
Hidden Talent: Aerial Silks (Acrobatics)

Bio: Chancie C (they/them) is a Black queer, non-binary person from the South. Growing up in Texas, where intolerance towards LGBTQIA+ and Black communities is prevalent, their experiences profoundly shaped their activism. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Gender Studies at Claremont Graduate University, Chancie’s research shines a light on the lived experiences of marginalized and minoritized communities, BIPOC and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities in particular. Their dedication to sexual and reproductive justice resonates through their advocacy for bodily autonomy, as well as their recognition and emphasis on the intersections between anti-Blackness, LGBTQ+ discrimination, and ableism. Chancie seeks to contribute actively to URGE’s mission and acquire valuable insights into the effective dissemination of information via digital media to expand their impact to wider audiences.

Posts By: Chancie C

Trans & Intersex Are Separate Categories, But Our Fates Are Inextricably Linked.

In a world increasingly polarized by debates about LGBTQIA+ rights, it is more important than ever to recognize the fundamental human right to bodily autonomy. Unnecessary and non-consensual surgical interventions on intersex children and bans on gender-affirming care for transgender youth emerge as a reminder of the United States’ lack of protection for this fundamental human right. Young people navigating a path marked by resilience and vulnerability have found themselves at the center of social, political, and cultural storms. With each step they take, harmful and misleading discourse follows as debates about what rights they should be afforded proliferate. Discourses of societal acceptance, individual freedoms, and evolving cultural norms are invoked and tested.  When considering the lack of gender-affirming care for transgender and intersex youth specifically, it’s essential to understand… Read more »

Stop Labeling Every Form of Gender Transgression Drag. Drag is Black Queer History

On March 2nd, 2023 Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee signed Senate Bill 3, also known as the Tennessee Adult Entertainment Act. The bill makes engaging in “adult cabaret” in public or “in a location where the adult cabaret could be viewed by a person who is not an adult” a punishable offense. The bill goes on to define an “adult cabaret performer” as “topless dancers, go-go dancers, strippers, male or female impersonators.” The bill applies to any “similar entertainers,” whether they are performing or not. In other words, even individuals who are not paid performers could be prosecuted if they are perceived to be “adult cabaret performers.” This language not only targets drag performers but transgender people in its denunciation of all forms of gender nonconformity. This perpetuates the dangerous… Read more »