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Bio: Darcelle is an artist, perpetual learner, and lover of all things jazz. As an undergraduate at Northwestern University, their areas of study explored the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, and sound. Nowadays, you can find Darcelle writing poetry, organizing with local RJ organizations, or collaborating on art projects with friends.

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Covid-19 is Here for the Long Haul; Here’s How to Make Sure You Are Too

Covid-19 has changed the world forever, and we need to act accordingly now. It can be helpful to think of Covid precautions like sexual health precautions. Covid is here for the long haul, so even though it’s becoming more impossible to have zero risk and exposure, there are likely several methods you could employ to make a situation safer. And while it’s more than understandable if you’d rather stay home to avoid infection, there are many steps in between never leaving your house and acting like the pandemic never happened (and isn’t ongoing). It’s here to stay, so act accordingly.  The problem of aerosols  It’s commonly accepted that Covid spreads through direct human contact and liquid droplets in the air and we can see the material effects of that impact…. Read more »

Beyond Voter Turnout: Re-centering Voter Suppression’s Real Threat to Democracy

The 2022 midterm and runoff elections have proven to be another contentious voting season in Georgia. And while Raphael Warnock ultimately came out on top, many Democrats were anxiously waiting to see the impacts of voter suppression with the Republican-controlled legislature passing Senate Bill 202 or the Election Integrity Act in 2021. Despite these barriers, with the fall of Roe in June, several leaders of political organizations predicted voters would turn out to cast their ballots to decide who will be in charge of the future of abortion rights in the U.S. And with the record-breaking turnout in Georgia’s runoff elections, it’s apparent that more and more voters want their voices heard. It might be easy to dismiss voter suppression as a relic of the past, but voter suppression in… Read more »

5 things you need to know about digital privacy in the Post-Roe era

As the world grows increasingly interconnected through new tools and applications, it’s imperative that we practice discernment in the information we choose to disclose online and with our devices. In the post-Roe era, this is particularly important as the Supreme Court threatens to reverse several landmark amendments created to protect an individual’s privacy on and offline.  Since Roe’s reversal in June 2022, there have already been reports of its ramifications on privacy rights, including a Nebraska woman charged with assisting her daughter with an abortion after law enforcement reviewed Facebook messages exchanged between the two. Though it may seem like the messages you send on your phone or through DMs might be private – tech companies are collecting your data and will share it with law enforcement if asked. And… Read more »