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Favorite writer: right now it’s Trudy of Gradient Lair

Favorite sex scene from a movie/TV/book: Dean and Cindy’s oral sex scene from Blue Valentine

Hidden talent: not having a hidden talent

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How Ohio State’s “Condom Club” is Promoting Inclusive, Safe Sex — One Prophylactic at a Time

One of the first things I did when I set foot on to the Ohio State University campus was sign up for “Condom Club” membership. “Condom Club” briefly known as “Safer Sex Society” is the place on campus to get almost all things a person might need to have safe sex. Oh and they also provide free sex-ed workshops to students. Ohio State is home to about 60,000 students. The presence of  “Condom Club” on campus is very important. For me, the Club has been instrumental in my sexual education and practice. (Fun fact: the very first lube I ever used was from the “Condom Club”). The Club is about more than providing students with prophylactics. For some like myself, attending one of “Condom Club’s” safe sex workshops was their… Read more »

Hello Pronoun Stickers Make Introductions A Little Less Awkward

I am a huge fan of “Hello Pronoun Stickers” ever since I saw them featured on the blog “fuckyeahfeminists.com” All I could think of was “finally!” and “I can’t believe these weren’t a thing already.” What are “Hello Pronoun Stickers”?  Creator Al describes them as: “A handy sticker that tells the world your name and pronouns. Comes in five varieties: he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, xe/xem/xyrs, and ze/hir/hirs! Whether being used when meeting new people or as a gentle reminder to old friends, this sticker uses a familiar format to communicate the information quickly and easily.” Amazing. I know.

What Banning Books in Schools Says About Who Matters in America

I got into a lot of trouble as a teenager. But this time was different. It was spring of 2008. I was sitting by our desktop, my father was getting a cup of water in the kitchen. I don’t remember exactly what we were talking about but I remember distinctly saying “I don’t like people, I’d rather read.” My father’s face after I made this statement was…distressing. My father will gladly tell anyone how I distress him with the things I say, but this proclamation, me preferring the company of books over people was beyond distressing to him. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just like books better. Any time I have to socialize, I agonise over the fact that I’m losing hours I could spend reading. Nine… Read more »

Keeping an Eye on the “Incremental” Abortion Restrictions in Ohio

I set out to write this piece about the impact that Governor Kasich’s budget bill has had in Ohio since it was signed into law six months ago. I thought the budget bill, or House Bill 59, was the worst blow to Ohio reproductive rights. What I didn’t know was that while House Bill 59 was a pretty tough blow, it was just one of many tough blows to the state’s fragmented reproductive rights protections. Turns out reproductive rights in Ohio have been steadily chipped away by the state’s government officials for over twenty years. Unless you have been part of the small group of people on the ground fighting back, you may not have known. And it’s all because of the approach the state government officials have taken. Instead… Read more »

The Revolutionary Act Left Out of Most Sex-Ed Programs

I was perusing the internet as I’m wont to do and I discovered an article that made me scream. I wasn’t sure if the scream was in excitement or terror. The article? It was about a university in North Carolina, Elon, which is going to have a class on masturbation. A class that students can take to learn about masturbation. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet if this class at Elon will actually happen, I think it has the potential to be revolutionary. Finally, a sex-ed class that will focus on anatomy and pleasure, not how to prevent pregnancy. I’m not the only one who got shoddy sex-ed in high school. The fact that it was almost always penis centered (how to put on a condom!), always about preventing pregnancy… Read more »

Reproductive Rights in America Have Gotten Worse After Tiller

I know enough about abortion politics in this country, but I still didn’t know what to expect going in to see the movie After Tiller. For anyone planning on seeing it, and I urge everyone to see it, you might want to bring a some tissues. After Tiller is a documentary film that looks at late term abortion in the aftermath of Dr. George Tiller’s murder. The movie follows the four remaining doctors who perform all of the late term abortions in America. Dr. Tiller performed late term abortions in his clinic in Kansas. He was murdered in church by the anti-choice extremist Scott Roeder in May of 2009. Dr. Tiller was performing usher duties at Reformation Lutheran Church when Roeder walked in, shot and killed him. In an article… Read more »

Please, Let’s Not Make “Thigh Gap” a Thing

I’m 22 which means I’m an old and therefore no longer cool or privy to trends. Actually I’ve never been cool but that’s another blog post. As an old, I learn about trends the only way olds learn about new trends: overhearing the kids and then later googling whatever it is you overheard. I wish this one time I hadn’t  let my curiosity get the better of me, because I had the misfortune of learning about a phenomenon called  “thigh gap.” I say misfortune because it was one of those situations where ignorance really is bliss. If you aren’t aware of “the thigh gap,” I apologize for what I’m about to do. So, thigh gap. What is it? According to google, “A thigh gap is a space between your inner… Read more »

An Open Letter to My Fellow College Students on Halloween

Ugh college. College is the worst! What with all the classes and the endless assignments and readings you sacrifice your nights to do because the professor tells you there’s going to be a quiz on the readings but there never is and you’re like, but I spent three hours reading that shit!  I could have been marathoning Twin Peaks man. College sucks and every now and then we all like to blow off a little steam and have ourselves a good time. I know tomorrow night, October 31st will be one of those nights. Those of you who celebrate Halloween will be getting turnt up! That’s cool. You know what’s not cool though? Your racist and culturally insensitive “costume.” Really, enough with that shit already. I really don’t want to… Read more »

Here’s Hoping Janet Yellen is Good for Youth Employment

So, Janet Yellen was nominated by President Obama on October 9 to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve. That sound you hear, it’s the glass ceiling cracking. Before President Obama nominated Janet Yellen, he was considering Larry Summers. The Larry Summers who thinks ladies and their lady brains can’t cut in STEM fields. When I thought a guy who’s not only  sexist but also not a very good economist might be in charge of our central bank, I was all:

Self-Care 101

Self care, it’s mandatory. It’s as easy and simple as it sounds, caring for yourself. But one thing I’ve noticed is that women and activists are terrible at self care. If that woman also happens to be an activist, forget it. Women  are socialized to put the needs and wants of everybody ahead of their own. I don’t need to tell you that that is not cool. Activists, being the empathetic, caring do-gooders we are, are great at doing good by everyone else except ourselves. But here’s the thing, you can’t save the world if you’re not taking proper care of yourself. Sometimes, self care can be the most radical, revolutionary thing a person can do. My hero, the late Audre Lorde had this to say on the subject  “caring… Read more »