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Age: 21
School: The University of Alabama
Major: History
Hometown: Washington, DC
Favorite writer: Warsan Shire
Favorite sex scene from a movie/TV/book: I have a bit of a confession to make, in that I can hardly think of any true favorites from a movie, TV, or book. I do, however, have dozens of scenes from fanfiction that I could tell all of you all about and it would be awesome. Alas, if I can choose one that grabbed my attention right away and made me actually think about how sex is represented and portrayed in the media, it was a scene from Sex and the City. I've only seen a handful of episodes, so I'm not anywhere near a fan, but still. It was between Samantha and a guy she met at a restaurant. What I remember noticing very clearly and what stood out to me immediately was that the scene was littered with condom wrappers, and the longer Samantha and her dude had sex the more condom wrappers there were. I'd never seen safe(r) sex portrayed like that anywhere. So in a lot of ways, that truly ridiculous scene about nonstop sex was, ironically, one of the more realistic ones I'd ever come across. Ever.
Hidden talent: I'm decent at interpreting astrological birth charts.

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Protect This House: Women Deserve Safe Campuses

Just in time for a return back to campus, the past two weeks has featured a number of headlines about sexual violence against women: a nail polish that detects one of the most common date rape drugs, the calculated hacking and release of dozens of celebrities’ nude photos from their iCloud accounts, a student at Columbia University who is protesting the school’s lack of justice about her rape by carrying around a mattress, and another university that deemed community service too harsh a punishment for a man who raped another student. Regardless of whether she is a senior who has spent the past three years on campus learning to avoid fraternity houses after dark or a freshman joking with her new classmates that her dad bought her a pink can… Read more »