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Being A College Student During A Pandemic Sucks And Here’s Why

As a college student, I ask myself two questions quite often. The first question is “Do I have anything due tonight?” and the second is “Does anyone else feel this way?” Being sent home from school due to the Covid-19 pandemic as a college freshman and coming back to a fully open campus (still in a pandemic by the way) as a junior has been incredibly difficult. My grades are not nearly as good as they once were, my social skills are borderline embarrassing, and my mental health has definitely been better. However, something that has been reassuring but also deeply concerning is that other college students are feeling like this too. Since the pandemic, college students are experiencing higher levels of food insecurity, emotional, and financial stress than ever… Read more »

Recklessly Reopening States Will Have Deadly Consequences for People of Color

(Washington, DC) — Statement by Kimberly Inez McGuire, Executive Director of URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity regarding the danger posed to young people and communities of color by reopening state economies in the South and Midwest as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.  “This week, governors in Georgia, Ohio, and other states rejected the advice of health experts and ignored the concerns of their own constituents by announcing plans to reopen nail salons, bowling alleys, and other non-essential businesses on or before May 1. The announcements come amid reports of mounting COVID-19 infections and woefully inadequate testing in these states, making it increasingly clear that reopening now will do nothing but accelerate death and suffering among communities of color already ravaged by the virus.” “In Georgia, Ohio, and other… Read more »

Right Wing Protesters Are Not Now, Nor Ever Will Be, Rosa Parks

“These protesters are not Rosa Parks. They aren’t liberating anyone. They are spreading diseases as they have done since Europeans invaded the Americas more than 500 years ago. Given this selfish, dangerous, genocidal behavior, I fear many more Black, Indigenous, and Latinx lives will be snatched away.”