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The First Same-Sex Wedding at West Point Chapel is a Watershed Moment

Recently, the first same sex wedding was held at West Point Chapel for the seventeen year sweethearts, Brenda Sue Fulton and Penelope Gnesin. The media responded surprisingly positively. Same-sex marriage and military opposition to open homosexuality are both hot topics for the gay rights movement and media outlets alike. Thusly, the marriage of Fulton and Gnesin being taken so well shows an advance for the world around us in more than one area of concern. For lesbian culture visibility in 2012 America this is undoubtedly a monumental event. An Army chaplain married Brenda Sue Fulton and Penelope Gnesin on December 1, 2012. Fulton had graduated from West Point in 1980 in the very first female class. She rose to the rank of captain by 1986.  Soon after she left the… Read more »

California’s Ban on Reparative Therapy aka No More Pray the Gay Away for Kids

This past October, California outlawed a practice that Governor Brown noted as, “A dustbin of quackery”.  I’m a pretty big fan of both California and Governor Brown; I knew this story must be juicy. The more I researched into this topic the more I was in awe. Was this seriously going on in the 21st century? How unscientific, biased, and messed up can an institution get? This saddening and historic strain of therapy is known as, “Reparative Therapy”. The goal of Reparative Therapy is to change the sexuality of the patient. The idea is that if a patient wishes to change sexual orientation- through certain types of talk therapy they can be “cured”. The problem is that there is no medical or scientific backing for these practices (which is because there isn’t… Read more »

Pornography and Measure B

This post is part of a series about reproductive justice and the media done in partnership with Women, Action, & the Media. Pornography is defined as any material that depicts explicit sexual organs or erotic behavior. Pornography is an art that has been around since ancient times. Sexuality is so innately artistic, after all. Feminism persistently argues that, “The personal is political” and yet again this catchy tagline seems to fit just right. Pornography is incredibly personal — the question arises of the role of the political in this massive enterprise. On election day, Big Brother seemed to intrude just a bit on the pornography industries turf, but with the best intentions… or so they say. In America, every second over $3,000 is spent on pornography. Did you catch that? Every… Read more »

CHOICE: a poem

She peed on that stick It’s her third test today It keeps coming up positive In her head she starts to pray She’s got a midterm tomorrow And she  works late tonight She’s got butterflies inside her And nothing feels right. She’s got $512 in her bank account And a rising stack of bills The thought of having a baby Leaves her with chills. She leans back on her bathroom’s Cool tile floor She got a choice to make And it’s one she just cant ignore. She closes her eyes To hide from her walls of light pink And in her head As if in cursive Over and over she thinks, “At another date and at another time I promise I’ll be yours And I promise you’ll be mine”

Think Before You Pink: A Review of “Pink Ribbons, Inc.”

On October 17 the Women and Gender Sexuality Studies department at CSULB had a showing of a new film- “Pink Ribbons, Inc.” It was a great turn out on lower campus complete with delicious snacks. A special thanks to the legendary, brilliant, and endlessly clever Dr. Lori Baralt for hosting! (She’s a recent addition to my, “People who inspire me” list). This captivating documentary made me step back and think, “Well, damn, this situation is really messed up!” With the constant ringing of Reproductive Justice, the movie Pink Ribbons, Inc. delved into current breast cancer pop culture- you know what I’m talking about. Make-up, cleaning products, food, clothing, cars, and even products that contain carcinogenic chemicals- everything seems to wear a pink ribbon at some time or another for this… Read more »

Love Your Body: the Office Ladies Were Right All Along

October 17 was Love Your Body Day. NOW (The National Organization of Women) has been celebrating this day for 15 years. They started this day to give the finger to world of advertising and media concerning their depiction of women. The Villain here? The Media. Why? The media relentlessly portrays limited and unrealistic representations of what it means to be beautiful. Between the lines the world of advertising tells us we’ll never be good enough- but we should keep buying their “stuff”. (Unintentional rhyme). Love Your Body Day is celebrated by saying, “F- THAT!” to the media’s derogatory portrayal of humanity. Every morning of high school over the PA the office ladies would say the lunch menu, the sports updates, and events happening on campus. Fairly typical for a high… Read more »

My Encounter with Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is my hero. She is a journalist, author, political activist, speaker, and philosopher extraordinaire. Her name is revered in the field of Women’s Studies. Steinem is to Feminism what MLK was to the Civil Rights Movement, or Gandhi was to India’s fight for Independence. She’s contributed a lot to the world around us- and has this glow of warmth that encompasses her radiant personality. She’s tall, slender, and has the most beautiful hands. She’s been in this movement for over forty years- and still as cool and hip as could be. I went to see Steinem this past Sunday at UCLA with the Justice and Gender Education Magazine and Choice USA Club from CSULB. The theater was completely packed. Audience members were given the 40th anniversary edition of… Read more »

Film Review: The Business of Being Born

I learn more from watching Netflix documentaries than I do at college. Recently my mind has been completely blown by the film The Business of Being Born . If you have a uterus, penis, or anything in between- I strongly recommend you view this film. This film leads the viewer through the process of contemporary childbirth — something society seemingly has under control. Through this film’s exploration of the hospitalized state of childbirth, an incredible number of injustices were unveiled. Until today I never questioned childbirth taking place in a hospital — it’s a social norm. This film opened my eyes to the organic, natural, spiritual, psychedelic, and extraordinary experience birth was designed to be — and how “Western Medicine” has successfully taken this right of passage away from the modern woman. This… Read more »

Dear Governor Brown

Also posted on RH Reality Check   There are a couple of bills on your desk  I wish to speak with you about. These bills have caught my attention And the nation’s too no doubt!   You’re the person here Who has the power to do much good! Put your autograph on these bills, Oh I wish you would!  

Taurus and The Pill

I was going to get on the Pill for you. That small white capsule of estrogen And progestin. I was going to love you only Above all other women Above all other men. I was going to call you my partner On Facebook and real life too. I was going to love you only The words I poetically blog here Are truer than true. We were going to be in love And practice safe sex night after night. But our arguments became rougher than our lovemaking. Our relationship became fight after fight. We were going to call ourselves Equal And prove to the stars that a Taurus and Aries together could last. Our relationship blossomed so magically slow And we ended it so very fast. I was going to get… Read more »